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Privacy and Safety

Collecting data

Customer data is collected (1) when purchases are made in Atelier Veini's online store, (2) when Atelier Veini is contacted using the contact form, (3) when a person subscribes to Atelier Veini newsletter or (4) when they register as a new Atelier Veini blog member. The information customers provide will only be stored (1) for the time necessary to fulfill the obligations of the transaction, (2) until the subject of the contact is resolved, (3) until the newsletter is unsubscribed or (4) until the blog member profile is deleted on request of the customer.


The information you provide to Atelier Veini will never be passed on. Information is carefully stored electronically behind passwords, and outsiders have no access to it. Atelier Veini uses GDPR compliant services of Ltd. to collect and store customer data.


Payment in the online store takes place securely through reliable third-party operators (credit card companies, Klarna, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay).


When you have placed an order in the online store, you will receive an automatic order confirmation by e-mail.

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