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"Quilt Decor: The Secret to Effortless and Stylish Wall Mounting"

Updated: May 7

When I started designing and making quilts, early on put a lot of effort in finding as sleek and descreet way to hang quilts on the wall as possible. I know many people like to see a curtain rod on the wall holding the quilt, or use wooden quilt hangers. But when it comes to my vision, I wanted the hanging mechanism to be as invisible as possible. I think my efforts paid off, what do you think?

I was also obsessed to find a way to hang a quilt on the wall with only one screw, meaning only one hole in the wall. I wanted the installation to be super easy for my customers and gentle for their walls. After a couple of almost sleepless nights figuring out the problem, the idea came to me: the secret is to have not only one hanging sleeve behind the quilt but two, with some space between them. One flat hidden hook holds the hanging rod from the middle of the quilt, so this way you cannot see any hooks, screws or nails above or at the sides of the quilt. And hanging is extremely easy: you don't need a spirit level to get many holes to same level in the wall.

When you purchase an Atelier Veini wall quilt, all the parts you need for hanging it on the wall are included: hanging sleeves behind the quilt, a hanging rod (a wooden one for smaller quilts, one made of aluminium for larger quilts to avoid the rod from bending), a hook, a wall plug and a screw. You only need a tool for making a hole on the wall and to install the wall plug in the hole in the wall.

See the video below to see just how easily it is done, and how sleek the finish you will get!

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